SMACS becomes ACS ChemLuminary finalist 2 YEARS IN A ROW!

SMACS heads back to the ACS ChemLuminary awards ceremony on Dec. 9th. as a finalist for the “Best NCW Event Performed by a Student Group”! Check out our 2019 NCW video!

Watch it here!

Student Members of the American Chemical Society

Student Members of the American Chemical Society

Nonprofit Student Organization

Department of Chemistry

Mississippi State University


The MSU SMACS (Student Members of the American Chemical Society) is a nationally recognized, award winning student group that is part of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific community. MSU SMACS strives to cultivate leadership and promote science through education and demonstration. To achieve these goals, MSU SMACS offers leadership roles in officer and committee head positions. The organization continues to further these goals by encouraging personal initiative in its members to develop creative ideas for fundraising, science awareness, promotion of chemistry, as well as social and educational events. MSU SMACS supports members in their attendance and participation at chemistry conferences to encourage networking and career development.



  • ACS ChemLuminary 2018 (best NCW event organized by a student group)
  • Commendable ACS Student Chapter Ranking for 2018
  • MS Section Student Chapter of the Year 2018